Best House Keeping Products

Best wipers-house keeping products in bahadurgarh


We are selling wide range of high quality Wipers. Many designs with different materials made are available at Mahendra General Store. These wipers are widely in use in Industries, Hotels, Motels, Resorts. Easy to use and affordable prices as compared to other market sellers.
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hit baygons-house keeping products in bahadurgarh

Room Freshner and Hit-baygon

We are engaged in providing superior quality Room Freshner and Hit-baygon to our clients. These Room Freshner and Hit-baygon are appreciated by Every client due to high quality and durability. These products are available at Mahendra General Store, Bahadurgarh on a very resonable prices as compared to other sellers.
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Best Mops-house keeping products in bahadurgarh


Our high Quality Mops are widely used in Hotel, Resorts,Companies and other commercial places for completely mark and scratch free floors. We provide a wide range of Mops such as Cotton Mops, Sponge Mops and many more. Best prices at Mahendra General Store.
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Best Brooms-house keeping products in bahadurgarh

Brooms & Brushes

High Quality Brooms & Brushes are available for Industrial and Commercial use .We provide a wide range of Brooms & Brushes such as Soft Brooms, Hard Brooms, Plastic Brooms, Toilet Brush, Cob Web Brush etc. and many more. Prices at Mahendra General Store are much more Resonable as compare to other market sellers.
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Best Dustbins-house keeping products in bahadurgarh


Our high Quality dusbins can be used anywhere from inside to ouside. High Quality plastic and steel dustbins are available in all sizes from small to large. At Mahendra General Store you can get wide range of Dustbins.
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cleaning chemicals-house keeping products in bahadurgarh

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals that are used for multiple purposes like cleaning floors, bathrooms, toilets, glass materials etc. are available on large scale. All the major Brands like Lizol, Harpic, Gainda Phenyle, Teepol, Tuski etc. are available.
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Stationary items-house keeping products in bahadurgarh

Stationary items

We are selling all kind of Stationary items like Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Registers, Note Books, Scale etc. from all Famous brands like Nataraj, Classmate, Camlin, Apsara, Reynolds and many more on whole sale.
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General Beauty Products--house keeping products in bahadurgarh

General items

All the General Products like Dusters, Door mats Soaps, HandWash, Facewash, Lotions, Oil, Creams etc. are available. We sell products of Every Brand.
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